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Planning a wedding, no matter if you want it to be big or small, is a serious project and it requires from a couple that’s getting married to invest a lot of their time and effort. However, this cause for celebration is very special – everyone gets married thinking that this would be the first and last time to do it.

Drinks for your wedding…

We provide all your drinks needs for any type of wedding; small & intimate or larger than life we will tailor to any budget.

Let us do the hard work...

With our experience & expertise in events, we will help to take the stress out of organising your drinks needs for the day.

Who are we?

Our bartenders are full trained mixologists with an impressive depth of knowledge in all drinks.

What we do for you…

We specialise in a bespoke drinks offering for your special day. Well sourced Wines, Local Beer, Cider & Spirits.

Our speciality is creating premium cocktails, personal to your tastes.

We use local & premium...

We will often source local & premium produce (where appropriate) The UK is bursting with local and premium ingredients, particularly Sussex where we are based. This means we have the luxury of strong relationships with a variety of local businesses… from Chilgrove Spirits & Arundel Brewery to Barfoots Fruit & Veg & Edgecumbes Coffee.

The environment is important to us!

We are passionate about the environment & sustainability. We don’t need the use of any electricity or gas unless we feel it absolutely necessary for the event.  We recycle as much waste as we possibly can and will use sustainable materials.

How much will it cost?

We tailor each and every event with a personal quote. There are many ways in which you can pay for our bars:
Fully inclusive package | Semi inclusive package | Full cash bar | A mix and match of packages

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