Making your drinks as special as the rest of your big day…

Making your drinks as special as the rest of your big day…

The Lovely Bubbly Co Prosecco Van and Mobile Bar gives the low down on how to get ‘drinks creative’…

Weddings are all about the details and standing out from the crowd, from the dress, band, cake or venue. Drinks are often overlooked, but are something so integral and should be considered just as important as the food or music.

Fortunately, The Lovely Bubbly Co is here to provide their top tips to help:

Add some personality

Bring the starring couples’ personalities to the day by choosing brands or drinks your guests may associate with you. What’s your favourite drink or cocktail, for example, a perfectly chilled glass of Fizz or a smooth and silky Bourbon?

Know your crowd

It’s impossible to cater to everyone’s’ specific preferences, so fear not if you do not know Great Aunt Lisa’s favourite brand of sherry. Think about your main group of friends/family and what they like to drink, maybe gin or jagermeister, and be sure to buy extra quantities to ensure you have enough to last you all night. One thing is for sure, The Lovely Bubbly Co’s Prosecco never runs dry!

Be unique

A Prosecco Van adds wow factor and offers guests ice cold Fizz to kick the party off in style. Bubbly 1, The Lovely Bubbly Co’s Prosecco Van, is truly stunning. Not only is it great for keeping everyone occupied as you get those all important photos taken, but also offers a built in cocktail bar to jazz up those bubbles. We like the sound of that!

Signature drinks

Design personalised cocktails to represent the special couples’ characters. Serve them either with the aperitifs or to help your guests party the whole night through. One thing is for sure; they will become a great talking point throughout the day!

Wow your guests by getting in touch with The Lovely Bubbly Co today. Not only is their Prosecco Van simply amazing but with oodles of experience their full bar service covers all elements featured above to make your day truly bespoke. With packages starting from just £200, that really is lovely bubbly!

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