Bringing your wedding story to life

Bringing your wedding story to life

- the ultimate way to personalise your day

I love learning all about the wedding day details and finishing touches which make a wedding day so special for the couple, often it’s not until after a wedding that as a guest, you hear about all the special touches and finer details, perhaps you’ll find out afterwards that the bride’s bouquet was styled to match that of her great grandmother’s on her wedding day. Perhaps you’ll find out that the groom’s cufflinks were characters from his favourite childhood cartoon. Often these special details go unnoticed by the guests, which is one of the reasons I started Wedition. Your details make your day uniquely yours, they are the essence of your day and the heart and soul of your story together.

Wedition wedding day details  bouquet

Make your day uniquely yours with your wedding day details

Months and months of planning will mean that when your wedding day arrives, you’ll have a colour scheme running through along with a theme. The theme could quite simply be the love you have for each other reflected with a few sentimental touches such as attaching your beloved aunt’s wedding ring to your bouquet or making sure your wedding cake incorporates both your favourite flavours.
You may have a very strong theme running through and this is your main reason for choosing a blank canvas wedding venue. You are planning a theme that everyone will notice, perhaps it is an Easter themed wedding with bunting, straw bales and Morris dancers as entertainment. Maybe you’ll be giving Easter eggs as table favours and choosing flowers associated with that time of year, perhaps you’ll have little decorative chicks on your wedding stationery.
Whichever details you choose, why not showcase them all within your own Wedition? A personalised wedding magazine styled to fit in seamlessly with your wedding colour scheme and theme, you can mention all these special touches and include photos of your details too. Have fun by sharing the favourite milestones from your story together alongside your wedding day stationery essentials such as your order of the day and menu, Wedition really is the perfect way to tie all your wedding planning details together and enhance the experience for each guest.

Wedition - Your wedding cake

Be sure your guests don’t miss a thing with Wedition

There are so many elements to your day that will have significant meaning to you but how can you be sure your guests will notice them? Perhaps the date you have chosen is when you had your first date. Perhaps you are childhood sweethearts and the colour scheme reflects your school colours. Rather than a guest book you may have opted for an alternative idea such as a signing frame, jigsaw or drop top guest book which may need a little explanation inside your Wedition.
Maybe you’ve chosen your blank canvas wedding venue because the level of detail is so important to you this style of venue is the perfect way to showcase them and make your wedding uniquely yours. You can include the story of your blank canvas wedding venue within your Wedition, you could perhaps include the story of how you came to choose it, or the diary of how you prepared the blank canvas wedding venue for your special day. With Wedition, you will be able to include any information your heart desires, perhaps you’ll want to include a map of what is located where, especially good for those who have organised plenty of food stations and activities for guests to do.

Wedition - Your pet

Wedition allows your pets to be a part of your day

The flexibility of having a blank canvas wedding venue usually means that animals are allowed. You may be having a barn owl ring bearer, a confetti pony or llamas walking with you down the aisle, but what if you would absolutely love to have your pet there but the practicalities of organising this might be too difficult. This is where Wedition will fit in perfectly. You can involve your pet in your wedding day by including a message or funny article written by them, photos and fun facts.
They can be very much involved in your day, all the while they are calm and relaxed at home!

Wedition - Who's who

Introduce your wedding party with Wedition

Not everyone will know who’s who on your wedding day, it is in fact quite common for some family members to be meeting each other for the first time, or meeting your wedding party for the first time. You can solve this dilemma and save embarrassment (how many times have you forgotten someone’s name the moment you have been introduced?!) by introducing your wedding party within your Wedition. There are a number of fun ways to do this, we can include a photo and fun fact, or a thank you message from the couple. We can invite your wedding party to share a story or funny memory from your friendship. I’ve even done a wedding party baby photo guess who game before!
Introducing your wedding party to your guests in this manner gives them the confidence to say hello and strike up a conversation with this special person who they may have not met before.


A beautiful way to remember your loved ones with Wedition

Your wedding day is a time of much joy and happiness, it will also be a time to reflect on your journey up until this moment and and mark the beginning of your future together. It is also a time to remember loved ones. Loved ones who have passed can be remembered in one of the speeches or you may light a candle next to a photograph. Another beautiful and lasting way to involve a loved one who has passed on your day, is to include them within your Wedition. You could ask Liz to create a bespoke poem for them, you may write one yourself, include a quote, a funny memory or simply their name and photographs.
However you choose to remember them, there is always a way to make them a part of your special day.

Wedition - Ice breaker

Wedition will be the perfect ice breaker

Including fun pages inside your Wedition is a great way to keep little ones entertained during speeches or to give guests sharing a table together and who are meeting for the first time a great conversation starter. I can include a whole host of features for you from wedding speech bingo, colouring and camera eye spy to your own wedding crossword (all Q&A’s related to you of course!), word search or table quiz.
I can include any quizzes that you played on your hen/stag do’s or perhaps a table quiz or scavenger hunt for each table to complete.

Wedition - the new wedding tradition

Wedition: the new wedding tradition

Multi award* winning Wedition is fast becoming the new wedding tradition, carving out its own niche area within the wedding industry, not quite a favour, not quite your wedding stationery, quite simply it’s Wedition, “the new sugared almonds, no wedding should be without one” (quote taken from Wedition customer Amy)!

*The Wedding Industry Awards 2018 National Best Newcomer/The Wedding Industry Awards 2019 Regional Best Wedding Day Special Touch/Eagle Radio’s New Business of the Year 2018/Hampshire Wedding Supplier Awards Best Newcomer 2018/Waverley Big Awards Customer Delight winner.

Wedition: bringing your wedding story to life

We create a beautiful personalised wedding magazine styled to your wedding theme and colour scheme. A bespoke memento of your day that your family and friends will cherish forever, Wedition is a unique way to make your wedding stand out and bring your wedding story to life for your loved ones.

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