The importance of reputable wedding entertainment

Why booking reputable entertainment is one of the most important things on your wedding to do list: By Lucy – Lemon Entertainment

No doubt you have been a guest at a few weddings and clearly there are a number of things that are vital to making it one to remember. One of these, most arguably the most important component, is the entertainment.

Have you ever been to one of those weddings where the band is pretty standard, has no charisma and has people on the dance floor in dribs and drabs? How about a wedding where the band get too drunk to perform? I’ve even been to a wedding where the drummer forgot to bring drumsticks!! These things do happen which is why one of the most important things on your wedding to do list should be to book reputable entertainment.

I’m going to run through some top tips to make sure the entertainment on your big day is remembered by your guests for years to come - and for all the right reasons!

Do your research:

  • Ask your friends and family if they have any recommendations of bands or live music consultants - there is nothing like a personal recommendation
  • Check with your venue if they have any sound restrictions. Some private venues and barns operate a sound limiter which means a 13 piece band just wouldn’t be possible
  • Once you have found something you like, ask for past client testimonials
  • Watch videos of performances and if you can, go and see them live
  • Don’t leave booking entertainment to the last minute - good bands and DJ’s get booked up months in advance
  • If you are booking through an agency and want to talk to someone in person don’t be shy - set up a phone call or Skype call, this will help you get a feel for the people you will be working with

Questions to ask:

  • How long have they been playing at events?
  • What venues have they performed at?
  • Is being a performer their full time career?
  • Has all their equipment been PAT tested?
  • Are they insured?
  • How long will they perform for?
  • If your wedding is in a marquee check how much power they need and liaise with the marquee company/wedding planner to make sure this is possible

Once confirmed:

  • Ask for a phone or Skype meeting so the big day isn’t the first time you have spoken
  • Liaise about specific song requests/first dance etc - but bear in mind reputable bands perform at up to five events a week and know what works and how to read the crowd
  • Make sure you have agreed what time they are to set up & soundcheck and that this doesn’t disrupt another section of the day
  • Remember to update your caterer on the numbers of ‘outmess’ (technical term for how many extra people you will need to feed on top of guests) - and make sure you check if there are any dietary requirements - the lead singer having an allergic reaction to shellfish is not the lasting memories you want of your big day

On the day:

  • Hopefully you won’t need to worry about anything on the day - leave this to your wedding planner or designated friend. They should be available to meet the band or DJ on arrival and show them the green room and loading area
  • Make sure you feed and water your entertainers - you want them to be at their best when they are on stage - hungry tummy’s don’t allow for this!
  • Take into consideration the band may have travelled far to get to the venue, to get the best from them make sure they have a comfortable space to relax and change before and after their performance
  • Most importantly - ENJOY every moment!! Booking a band or DJ that are talented, reliable and professional will ensure your dance floor is full and precious memories are created.
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If you are still looking for your wedding entertainment be sure to check out the amazing performers on the Lemon Entertainment website.